Razzie® Classic THE LONELY LADY Finally Arriving on Blu-Ray...

Nearly 35 years after its theatrical release, one of the all-time Razzie® classics is  about to debut on Blu-Ray.

The first film ever to get more nominations than we had categories, Lonely Lady stars Pia Zadora and is based on a novel by Trash Master Harold Robbins. With a then-record 11 nominations (when we only had 10 categories!) Lady eventually went on to top Mommie Dearest by “winning” six Razzies, including Worst Actress and Worst Picture of 1983. It then went on to be nominated as Worst Picture of the Decade in 1990, and Worst Drama of Our First 25 years in 2000. It's also listed as one of the 10 Most Enjoyable Bad Movies ever made in The Official Razzie Movie Guide.

Sleezy, cheesy and sure to please any camp classic fan, Lonely includes several snicker-inducing seduction scenes, a rape by garden hose, and the most melodramatic nervous breakdown ever filmed, all portrayed as only an actress of Pia's pulchritudinous talents could perform them.

Intrigued? Here's the LINK to see how you can pre-order your berry own copy.

You won't be disappointed!

(Just one suggestion: Before inserting the disc in your player, be sure you're not drinking anything...or it'll end up coming out your nose from laughing so hard!)