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In his 50 years on Planet Hollywood, John Wilson has seen more than 4000 movies, many of them in his capacity as the Founder and Head RAZZberry of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation and creator of The RAZZIE Awards.

Wilson is also the author of EVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNED AT THE MOVIES, a collection of 100 of cinema's silliest cliches, published by General Publishing Group in 1995. He has just completed the manuscript for the up-coming Warner Book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE MOVIE GUIDE, Enjoying The Best of Hollywood's Worst, which lists 100 of the funniest, most entertainingly awful movies ever made, and is scheduled for publication in January, 2005 to tie in with The Gala 25th Annual RAZZIE Award nominations.

A graduate of UCLA's prestigious Movie/Television Studies Program, Wilson's background includes over 25 years as a producer, copywriter and creative consultant for many of Hollywood’s biggest TV and movie companies.  In 1990 he won the Hollywood Reporter's Key Art Award for comedy trailers.  He has created hundreds of major movie campaigns, including those for the first three STAR WARS films, three of the four SUPERMAN movies, such classic Disney reissues as PINOCCHIO, LADY AND THE TRAMP and the animated versions of both THE JUNGLE BOOK and 101 DALMATIANS and, in a bit of RAZZIE serendipity, the trailer and TV spots for Pia Zadora in Harold Robbins’ THE LONELY LADY. He has also worked on projects for PBS, The Playboy Channel, CBS-TV's Fall Preview print ads, a three-minute retrospective look at MGM/UA's renowned video library and The Electronic Press Kit for The 67th Annual Academy Awards.

Wilson now lives with his wife (whom he met while working at a movie theatre) their eight-year-old son (the only kid in his class who knows the term "letterbox") two cats (named Nick and Nora Charles) three VCRs, five DVD players, a 537-volume film reference library and more than 2300 video tapes and discs in an ever-more-crowded ranch home in a sunny suburb of Tinsel Town.

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