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What One French Kiss Can Lead To...

2002 Worst Actress RAZZIE Co-Winners  Britney Spears and Madonna

have recorded a new duet: “Me Against the Music,'' the first single from Spears' new album

by Gary Susman


TOGETHER AGAIN: Spears and Madonna go mouth-to-mouth once more

Guess Britney Spears just can't get enough of her 2003 Worst Actress RAZZIE co-winner Madonna. Following up on their much-hyped French Kiss at The MTV Video Awards, they'll be putting their mouths together again when they sing a duet of Spears' new song, ''Me Against the Music,'' the first single from her forthcoming album, which finally has a title, ''Get in the Zone,'' Spears' label, Jive Records, announced Tuesday.

Fans who saw Spears' performance at the NFL season kickoff special two weeks ago, as well as the handful who saw her unannounced striptease performance over the weekend in Las Vegas, have already heard Spears' solo version of the tune. Cowritten by Spears and produced by RedZone, ''Me Against the Music'' will ship to radio on Sept. 30 and see its video debut on MTV's ''Making the Video'' on Oct. 13.

Other collaborators on the album, seven of whose 13 songs Spears cowrote, will include such songwriters and producers as Moby (''Early Mornin'''), Bloodshy & Avant (''Showdown''), Guy Sigsworth (''Everytime''), and R. Kelly (''Outrageous'').

It's not clear whether some other recent tracks Spears has recorded, including ''The Answer'' (with P. Diddy) and "Shadow'' (with The Matrix), will also appear on the new disc. ''Get in the Zone'' is being released a week ahead of schedule, on Nov. 18. Given Britney and Madonna’s RAZZIE track records, we’re betting that  the single’s title “Me Against the Music” means the music’s GOTTA lose in the end!

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