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Will Studios' Ban on Oscar Voters' DVDs Mean RAZZIE Screeners Instead??


In a controversial decision, the MPAA has announced that in its efforts to prevent movie piracy, it has negotiated an agreement among all the major Hollywood studios to ban the dissemination of "screener" tapes and DVDs of this year's expected Oscar contenders.

While so-called "Academy Screeners" are covered by this new arrangement, it was unclear at press time whether or not screeners of likely RAZZIE contenders might also be covered. In the past, G.R.A.F. voters have had to rely on pay-per-view showings and/or local video store rentals to determine whether Madonna or J. Lo ranked as The Year's Worst Actress. But with studios prohibited from sending tapes and DVDs to AMPAS members, it is now possible that, to maintain any Awards momentum they can, studios might turn instead to sending out screeners of such likely Worst Picture nominees as FREDDY vs. JASON, LARA CROFT: CRADLE OF LIFE, and, of course, GIGLI.  Since the new MPAA ban does not apply to titles already on video at the time award voters are determining nominees and winners, it will not affect such Rushed-to-Video titles as DADDY DAY CARE, CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE and the other big RAZZIE Title of 2003, FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY.

To clarify his Foundation's take on the matter, RAZZIE Founder John Wilson declared: "We welcome the kind of pandering, vote-buying tactics that have always personified the REAL awards shows. So far, the only perk of being a RAZZIE Member has been knowing that we dishonored only the MOST deserving. If we start getting wined-and-dined by Tinsel Town big shots, it's suddenly a whole new ballgame. We of course welcome any tools the studios can provide in helping our members determine which of 2003's bumper crop of crappy movies actually is The Very Worst."

MPAA President and spokesman Jack Valenti, who like most of Hollywood's biggest names, refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the RAZZIE Awards, did not return calls for comment.

Over-exposed, media-phobic 2003 Worst Actress front-runner Jennifer Lopez was also not available to discuss the decision's possible impact on her award chances. Likely Worst Actress co-nominee Kelly Clarkson, who has reached the 14 minute point in her 15 minutes of fame, was also unwilling to speak on record.






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