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It's Official: ‘BATTLEFIELD EARTH’ Is Tied With

 When a movie sweeps Tinsel Town’s Tackiest Trophy Derby, should it be considered a “Winning” Streak or a LOSING Streak? That’s just one of the questions the makers of the Big Budget Sci Fi Fiasco BATTLEFIELD EARTH will be asking themselves once they hear what “Won” at The 21st Annual Golden Raspberry (‘RAZZIE’) Awards.  Their film, based on a best-selling novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and starring an unrecognizable John Travolta as a Rasta-Haired, Yellow-Toothed, Cackling Psychotic Alien, took home spray-painted gold trophies in seven of the nine categories Dis-Honored in ceremonies held the traditional Day BEFORE the 73rd Annual Academy Awards® at the Radisson-Huntley Hotel’s Garden Room in Santa Monica, California.

 Among the $2.49 statuettes claimed by BATTLEFIELD were: Travolta as Worst Actor, his wife Kelly Preston (as a six-foot-tongued alien secretary!) for Worst Supporting Actress, his co-star Barry Pepper as Worst Supporting Actor (in the role Travolta had wanted to play when he first started pitching the project nearly 20 years ago), Roger Christian for Worst Director, Worst Screenplay (Corey Mandell and J.D. Shapiro, based on Hubbard’s Novel) Worst Screen Couple (“Travolta and Anyone Sharing the Screen with Him!”) and, of course, Worst Picture.  EARTH’s seven statuettes pull it into a dead-even tie with All-Time RAZZIE Champion SHOWGIRLS (Which won Worst Picture of the Decade at last year’s 20th Annual RAZZIE Awards).

The only two awards NOT given to BATTLEFIELD were in categories where it wasn’t even nominated: Worst Actress of 2000 went to last year’s Worst Actress of the Century “Winner” Madonna as a Single Mom fighting for custody of her child in The Ham-Fisted Melodramatic Ham-Fest THE NEXT BEST THING. Worst Remake or Sequel was BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH, TOO, which grossed less than $30 million as the follow-up to last year’s $140+ million-grosser THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

 “Winners” were determined by mailing ballots to some 535 GRAF Members throughout 35 U.S. states and a dozen foreign countries.  The actual award, a golf-ball-sized raspberry atop a mangled Super 8 film reel spray-painted gold, was designed by RAZZIE Founder John Wilson, a graduate of the UCLA Motion Picture/TV Department and author of EVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNED AT THE MOVIES. As was the case 96.7% of the time in the previous 20 years, actual “Winners” were NOT expected to attend or make overlong thank you speeches…

 For more info on the RAZZIE Awards, or to arrange in interview with RAZZIE Founder Wilson, please contact Headberry@razzies.com

21st Annual Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE) Award “Winners”

WORST Picture:
BATTLEFIELD EARTH (Warner Bros.) Elie Samaha, Jonathan D. Krane
          and John Travolta, Producers

WORST Actor:
John Travolta#@/BATTLEFIELD EARTH and LUCKY NUMBERS (Paramount).

WORST Actress:
Madonna* /THE NEXT BEST THING (Paramount)  

WORST Screen Couple:
John Travolta and Anyone Sharing the Screen with Him

WORST Supporting Actress:

WORST Supporting Actor:

WORST Remake or Sequel:
BOOK OF SHADOWS/BLAIR WITCH 2 (Artisan Entertainment)
    Bill Carraro, Producer. 

WORST Director:

WORST Screenplay:
BATTLEFIELD EARTH Screenplay by Corey Mandell and J.D. Shapiro,
      Based on the Novel by L. Ron Hubbard


BATTLEFIELD EARTH – 7 RAZZIES (Worst Picture, Actor, Screen Couple, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and Screenplay) Tying with the All-Time Record!

BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 – 1 RAZZIE (Worst Remake or Sequel)

THE NEXT BEST THING – 1 RAZZIE (Worst Actress/Madonna)

KEY: * Denotes Previous RAZZIE “Winner”;
# Denotes Previous RAZZIE Nominee;
@ Denotes Previous OSCAR® Nominee.

©2001, The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation and John Wilson

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