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THE GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARD FOUNDATION presents THE 22ND ANNUAL RAZZIES DIS-HONORING WORST ACHIEVEMENTS IN FILM FOR 2001 CONTACT: John Wilson – HeadBerry@razzies.com 2001's Berry Biggest B.O. Bombs ‘FINGERED’ in Tinsel Town’s Top Turkey Trot: The 22nd RAZZIES Who will win this year’s Worst Picture race? Sylvester Stallone’s latest vehicle to run out of gas at the box office, DRIVEN (a.k.a. DRIVEL)? The execrable, excrement-encrusted “comedy” from Idiot NON-Savant Tom Green, FREDDY GOT FINGERED? Mariah Carey in a screen debut that lip-sank first in theatres and now on video, GLITTER? The year’s biggest-grossing, longest (and most butt-numbing) box office bomb, PEARL HARBOR? Or RAZZIE Repeat Offender Kevin Costner in a tale of gun-toting, casino robbing Elvis impersonators, 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND? This year’s race for the Spray-Painted RAZZIE Gold was wide open, as Nominations for Tinsel Town’s Tackiest Trophies were unveiled the now-traditional 24 hours BEFORE Nominations for That OTHER Award. “Winners” of The 22nd Annual RAZZIE Awards will be announced in ceremonies set for 11:30am, Saturday, March 23 at The Abracadabra Theatre at 1418 Fourth Street in Santa Monica, adjacent to that same day’s 17th Annual Independent Spirit Awards. In addition to their Worst Picture nominations, DRIVEN and FREDDY also got multiple nods for their two knuckle-headed “stars,” both of whom have a record-tying FOUR nominations apiece: Green was FINGERED for Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay (with Derek Harvie) and for Worst Screen Couple as “Tom Green and Any Animal He Abuses.” Stallone, the all-time RAZZIE Champion who won a Worst Actor of The Century trophy in 2000, finds himself nominated in 2001 for Worst Supporting Actor, Worst Screenplay, Worst Screen “Couple” (with co-star and co-nominee Burt Reynolds) and for Worst Picture as one of the producers of DRIVEN. This brings The Less-Than-Sly-Guy’s career RAZZIE total to 29 nominations in 22 years. He has “won” 9 times. Others vying for Tinsel Town’s Top Turkey Trophy include: Ben Affleck (PEARL HARBOR) three-time “winner” Costner (GRACELAND) Keanu Reeves (HARDBALL and SWEET NOVEMBER) and last year’s “winner” John Travolta (DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and SWORDFISH) alongside Green in Worst Actor. Penelope Cruz (BLOW, CAPTAIN CORELLI’S MANDOLIN and VANILLA SKY) Angelina Jolie (LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and ORIGINAL SIN) Jennifer Lopez (ANGEL EYES and THE WEDDING PLANNER) and Charlize Theron (SWEET NOVEMBER) are contending with Carey for Worst Actress -- But with votes on 93.3% of all Nominating Ballots, it looks like Mariah’s the True Pariah of the Pack. A complete list of nominees in all nine RAZZIE Categories is included with this release. Nominees were determined by sending ballots to more than 500 Golden Raspberry Award Foundation members throughout 39 U.S. states and 10 foreign countries. The Foundation currently has a development deal with Nash Entertainment, which is now pitching next year’s 23rd Annual RAZZIES for possible broadcast. For more info on The RAZZIE Awards and/or its history (or to sign up for press credentials to attend the March 23rd event) please contact John Wilson with the info listed atop this press release. DIS-HONORING WORST ACHIEVEMENTS IN FILM SINCE 1980 22nd Annual Golden Raspberry (‘RAZZIE’) Award Nominees: WORST PICTURE: DRIVEN (Franchise Pictures/Warner Bros.) FREDDY GOT FINGERED (20th Century-Fox) GLITTER (20th Century-Fox/Columbia Pictures) PEARL HARBOR (Touchstone/Disney) 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND (Franchise/Warner Bros.) WORST ACTOR: Ben Affleck/PEARL HARBOR Kevin Costner/3000 MILES TO GRACELAND Tom Green/FREDDY GOT FINGERED Keanu Reeves/HARDBALL and SWEET NOVEMBER John Travolta/DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and SWORDFISH WORST ACTRESS: Mariah Carey/GLITTER Penelope Cruz/BLOW CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN and VANILLA SKY Angelina Jolie/LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and ORIGINAL SIN Jennifer Lopez/ANGEL EYES and THE WEDDING PLANNER Charlize Theron/SWEET NOVEMBER WORST SCREEN COUPLE: Ben Affleck & EITHER Kate Beckinsale or Josh Hartnett/PEARL HARBOR Mariah Carey's Cleavage/GLITTER Tom Green & Any Animal He Abuses/FREDDY GOT FINGERED Burt Reynolds & Sylvester Stallone/DRIVEN Kurt Russell & EITHER Kevin Costner or Courtney Cox 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Max Beesley/GLITTER Charlton Heston/CATS & DOGS, PLANET OF THE APES and TOWN & COUNTRY Burt Reynolds/DRIVEN Sylvester Stallone/DRIVEN …Rip Torn/FREDDY GOT FINGERED WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Drew Barrymore (The Ex-Mrs. Tom Green) FREDDY GOT FINGERED Courtney Cox/3000 MILES TO GRACELAND Julie Hagerty/FREDDY GOT FINGERED Goldie Hawn/TOWN & COUNTRY Estella Warren/DRIVEN and PLANET OF THE APES WORST REMAKE or SEQUEL: CROCODILE DUNDEE in L.A. (Paramount) JURASSIC PARK III (Universal) PEARL HARBOR (Touchstone/Disney) PLANET OF THE APES (20th Century-Fox) SWEET NOVEMBER (Warner Bros.) WORST DIRECTOR: Michael Bay/PEARL HARBOR Peter Chelsom (with Warren Beatty) TOWN & COUNTRY Tom Green/FREDDY GOT FINGERED Vondie Curtis Hall/GLITTER Renny Harlin/DRIVEN WORST SCREENPLAY: DRIVEN Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone, Story by Jan Skrentny & Neal Tabachnick FREDDY GOT FINGERED Written by Tom Green & Derek Harvie GLITTER Screenplay by Kate Lanier, Story by Cheryl L. West PEARL HARBOR Written by Randall Wallace 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND Written by Richard Recco and Demian Lichtenstein NOMINATIONS PER PICTURE: FREDDY GOT FINGERED: 8 Worst Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, 2xSupporting Actress, Screen Couple, Director and Screenplay DRIVEN: 7 Picture, 2xSupporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Screen Couple, Director and Screenplay GLITTER: 6 Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Screen Couple, Director and Screenplay PEARL HARBOR: 6 Picture, Actor, Screen Couple, Remake, Director, Screenplay 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND: 5 Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Screen Couple and Screenplay PLANET OF THE APES: 3 Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor and Remake SWEET NOVEMBER: 3 Actor, Actress and Remake TOWN & COUNTRY: 3 Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor and Director "WINNERS" WILL BE ANNOUNCED 11:30am/PST, SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd In Ceremonies at The Abracadabra Theatre @ MAGICOPOLIS 1418 Fourth Street in Santa Monica, California ©2002. The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation and John Wilson

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