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How Was The End of The RAZZIES’ First Century? Find Out at Prevue Nite -- A ‘WILD WILD’ Mess!

Featuring ‘THE HAUNTING’ ‘DEEP BLUE SEA’ Jar Jar Binks and Kevin Kline in Drag…In That Drag ‘WILD WILD WEST’!

Okay, We KNOW We Already Called 1998 The Worst Movie-Going Year EVER – But That Was Before We Gotta Loada 1999! With everything from Adam Sandler Peeing on A Wall to Jar Jar Binks Existing At All (And Scores of Lousy Remakes and Rip-Offs Trawling fer Big Bucks at Yer Local Mall) we now think The Last Year of The 20th Century MUST Have Been Its Worst! And if you don’t believe us, just show up at Prevue Nite!

Set for 7pm at RAZZIE H.Q. on Saturday, February 12th, the Main Feature at this year’s Compilation of Clips from Clinkers is The Film That Made EVERYONE’s 1999 Worst List: WILD WILD WEST. You’ve Heard How Bad It Is? Well…It’s WORSE! Imagine (If You Dare!) Kevin Kline as an 1800’s Prostitute, wearing A Three-Day Growth of Beard, Rice Bag Breasts and an Amanda Blake Red Wig. Then Imagine (The Horror!) Kenneth Branagh with a Southern Accent to Out-Southern-Accent Tennessee Williams (And No Legs!) as a Cackling, Cartwheeling, Capitol-B Bad Guy. Add in Will (Honk-If-You-Like-My-My Smirk) Smith and a Giant Fireball-Firing Mechanical SPIDER and you’ll understand why Roger Ebert called it "painfully lame…like watching money burn on the screen!"

But Don’t Answer Yet, Because You’ll Also Get: Bruce The Shark’s Big Comeback -- Renny (FORD FAIRLANE) Harlin’s Toothless JAWS Knock-Off DEEP BLUE SEA; Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lili Taylor in Jan (Why-Bodder-Wid-De-Actors) deBont’s Effects-Leaden Remake THE HAUNTING; Christopher (He Hasn’t -Won-a-RAZZIE-Yet?) Lloyd in both BABY GENIUSES and MY FAVORITE MARTIAN; Mira (She-Won-an-Oscar®?) Sorvino and Val (Lookit-Me-I’m-Blind!) Kilmer in The Romantically Challenged AT FIRST SIGHT; Kevin (Stop-Me-Before-I’m-Maudlin-Again) Costner’s Beach-Littering B.O. Bomb MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE; Robin (I’d-Rather-Be-Maudlin-Than-Be-Funny) Williams in JAKOB, THE LIAR (A Remake of The Long Lost Jerry Lewis RAZZIE Classic THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED?); And More, and Worse…WAY WORSE!

We’ll also be unloading RAZZberry-Themed Door Prizes (T-Shirts, Tea Bags, Toiletries and Tchotchkies!) and Serving Dinner. So, Grab Yer RAZZIE Ballots, Bring Yer Sense of Humor and Head West…WILD WILD WEST, That Is!

For Inf on How to Attend, Please E-Mail HeadBerry@razzies.com and/or Become a RAZZIE Member by Double-Clicking on MEMBERSHIP on our Main Page…

Help Us Celebrate Our 20th Year By Voting on Four Special Awards!


In addition to the Nominating Ballot for 1999’s Worst Achievements in Film, this year we’re also featuring a second ballot, listing four Special Categories. Part of our 20th Annual RAZZIES Celebration, they are: Worst New Star and Worst Picture of The Decade plus The Ultimate Millennial Insult, Worst Actor and Worst Actress of The CENTURY !

For Worst New Star of The Decade, we’ve listed all nine previous 1990’s Worst New Star Winners (including Vanilla Ice, Sofia Coppola, Pauly Shore, Anna Nicole Smith, Dennis Rodman and Elizabeth Berkley) as well as The One 1999 Shoo-In for This Award, STAR WARS EPISODE I’s Insufferable CGI Jar Jar Binks.

Worst Picture of The Decade includes all nine previous 1990’s Worst Picture "Winners" as well as two 1999 Titles: STAR WARS EPISODE I and WILD WILD WEST…

For Worst Actor of The Century, choices range from former Oscar® Favorites Marlon (DR. MOREAU) Brando, Laurence (INCHON!) Olivier and Richard (EXORCIST, TOO!) Burton to All-Time RAZZIE Fave-Raves Kevin (POSTMAN) Costner, William (STAR DREK V) Shatner and The Asshole Formerly Known as Prince. And, as ALWAYS, there’s Sylvester (RAMBEAUX) Stallone

Worst ACTRESS of The Century? We’ve got Joan (STRAIT-JACKET) Crawford and Faye (WICKED LADY) Dunaway, Playing Joan (To The Hilt!) in MOMMIE DEAREST. Plus Bo (TARZAN) Derek, Ali (LOVE STORY) MacGraw, Brooke (BLUE LAGOON) Shields and Sean (LOVE CRIMES) Young. And, Last Alphabetically…But First in The Worst-Stakes: Pia (LONELY LADY) Zadora. Did we forget One of Your Least Favorites? Go Ahead -- Write ‘Em In!

But WHERE, we’re sure you’re asking right about now, is Worst Picture of The Century? That Supreme Cinematic Slap-in-The-Face will be awarded separately, when results of our 100 YEARS/100 STINKERS Internet Poll (In which you can still vote!) are announced This Summer. To participate, jump back to The Main Page and Double Click on 100 YEARS/100 STINKERS

You may also notice that certain categories are "missing" from our 1999 Nominating Ballot: Worst New Star, Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst "Original" Song of The Year. These "missing" categories were dropped (for this year only) and replaced with the Special Awards. But rest assured, they will be dealt with in the course of our show!

Set for 8pm/PST on Saturday, March 25th in The Academy Room of The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, The Gala 20th Annual RAZZIE Awards will feature (in addition to the Special Awards) Retrospective Clips of both "Winners" and Ceremonies Past, Dramatic Readings of Classic RAZZIE Lyrics and MORE. They promise to be A Night You’ll Long Remember…Whether you’re attending as a RAZZIE Member …or a Potential RAZZIE Recipient!




OH, THAT BOY IS SUCH A CUT-UP! At the wrap party for her new film QUILLS, TITANIC Tootsie Kate Winslet decided she’d had just about enough of a party-crasher who showed up dressed as Dennis The Menace and, even when asked nicely, wouldn’t leave. As The Man in The Iron Dennis Mask was being unceremoniously ousted, he was un-masked – And turned out to be none other than 1998 Worst Screen Couple RAZZIE "Winner" (and Kate’s TITANIC co-star) Leonardo DiCaprio


SO, HOW BAD WERE THE RATINGS?!?! She virtually disappeared from the face of The Earth after winning both Worst Supporting Actress and Worst New Star of 1990 (setting a record with 67% of all votes cast in a field of five con-tenders!). But now she’s back…as a potential Worst Supporting Actress choice for 1999 (playing one of Queen Armadillo’s handmaidens in STAR WARS, EPISODE I) and as A Punchline for Industry Jokes! Fox Broadcasting’s Doug Herzog recently characterized FBC’s less-than-stellar Fall Season with: "We had a bad fall – Not like Sofia Coppola in GODFATHER III bad, but like really bad!"


ALL PAM, ALL THE TIME. OR IS THAT…ALL SPAM, ALL THE TIME?!?! Speaking of Worst New Star "Winners"(and Worst New Star of The Decade possibilities) That BARB WIRE Bimbo Pamela Anderson Lee just announced a 24-hour-a-day Internet TV channel, exclusively devoted to "original shows" about her activities. It’ll be called "WWW.PAMTV.COM". No word yet, though, on whether it’ll also feature her "hit" Home Videos...


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