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Starting with an Oscar Night ceremony so small it was actually staged in a living room alcove, The Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE) Awards have grown into what E! On-Line recently called "the foremost authority on all things that suck on the big screen." Annually presenting Dis-Honors for Worst Achievements in Film since 1980 in categories ranging from the obvious (Worst Picture, Actor and Actress) to the obtuse (Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Screen Couple) The RAZZIES today receive television, radio and newspaper coverage around the world. Their yearly bestowing of Tinsel Town's Tackiest Trophies is regularly covered by all three major worldwide wire services (AP, UPI and Reuters) CNN, major market TV network affiliates across the U.S. and on nationwide ABC, NBC and CBS Network Radio news. They also receive print coverage in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Premiere and People-on-Line Magazines. It has been estimated that the worldwide audience annually exposed to information about The RAZZIES is about One Billion People.

Founded by Lifelong Cine-Maniac and Cynic John Wilson, author of both EVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNED AT THE MOVIES and the just-published Warner Book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE MOVIE GUIDE Enjoying The Best of Hollywood's WORST (Listing 100 of The Berry Funniest Bad Movies Ever Made), the RAZZIES are a light-hearted parody of award shows in general (and The Oscars in particular). The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation's well-aimed Darts of Derision have always been directed at Hollywood's High Profile Humiliations (rather than at the easier target of low-budget/drive-in fare). Worst Picture Dis-Honorees to date have included such Big Budget B.O. Bombs as HOWARD THE DUCK, HUDSON HAWK and CATWOMAN, as well as such Certified Camp Classics as MOMMIE DEAREST, SHOWGIRLS and BATTLEFIELD EARTH. "Winners" of RAZZIE Awards for what they would argue was acting range from such Highly Regarded But Project-Misguided stars as Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, Kevin Costner, Roberto Benigni and Laurence Olivier to such Top Name But Talent-Challenged performers as Madonna, Burt Reynolds, Prince, Brooke Shields, Bo Derek, RAZZIE Poster Child Pia Zadora and All-Time RAZZIE Champion (with an Impressive 10 "wins" -- And a Staggering 30 Nominations...to date!) Sylvester Stallone.

Poised to Prick The Movie Industry's Pomp for as long as Hollywood keeps on making High-Profile Howlers, The RAZZIES are now entering their Second Quarter Century of Cremating Cinematic Crap -- And look forward to pursuing a development deal for finally getting one of the world's funniest awards shows broadcast.


The RAZZIE's Worst Actor "Winners" haven't all been No Talent Ham-olas like Stallone -- Among them are several surprises, including Bill Cosby (LEONARD PART 6) and three-time RAZZee Kevin Costner (ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF DWEEBS, WYATT EARP and THE POSTMAN). This category covers The Worst Actors -- Big Movie Stars Who Can't Act, (like Burt Reynolds) Great Actors in Lousy Roles (like Olivier in INCHON!) and "Instant Stars" from The World of Pop Music Who Should Be Legally Barred from The Screen (like Neil Diamond in THE JAZZ SINGER and Prince in Any Movie He's Ever Made). From "Stars" Everyone Loves to Hate (like Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Green) to Actors So Bad Everyone's Already Forgotten Them (i.e. Klinton Spilsbury - ?!?!) The RAZZIES' have Dis-Honored some of The Silver Screen's Silliest Career Mistakes and Most Epically Embarrassing Performances...


The Lamest Dames in The Cinema Firmament Take Their Lumps here, covering more than Two Decades of Distaff Dis-Honors in a Category Dominated by "Repeat Offenders". Whether they Just Don't Pick Good Scripts, They're Gluttons for a Good RAZZing or They Truly Aren't Capable of Anything Better, Five Women have So Overshadowed This Category Their Annual Inclusion Should by Now Be Automatic: Faye (MOMMIE DEAREST) Dunaway, Muddle-Headed Model Brooke Shields, Immaterial Mom Madonna, The Woman Who Rates "Looks: 10, IQ... 10" Bo Derek and RAZZIE Poster Child Pia Zadora. Other "Winners" include Those Whose Only "Honors" have been RAZZIES (Scream Queen Linda Blair, SHOWGIRLS' Elizabeth Berkley and Mariah Carey in GLITTER) as well as Oscar Favorites Liza Minnelli and Sharon Stone...


Like The Cinematic Sludge The RAZZIES exist to Dis-Honor, "Winners" of Worst Picture Run
The Gamut of Truly Tacky Tinsel Town Output. In Their First Twenty-Two Years, The RAZZIES have consistently Let Rip Their Biggest Berries at Undeniable Under-Achievers, including Classic Misfires like HOWARD THE DUCK, WILD WILD WEST, FREDDY GOT FINGERED, SWEPT AWAY and CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC, and Bad Movies with Blood Lines Traceable to Reverend Moon (INCHON!) Bruce Willis (HUDSON HAWK and COLOR OF NIGHT) and John Derek's Inexplicable Need to Make Us All Voyeurs of His Vacuous Wife (GHOSTS CAN'T DO IT). But not every Worst Picture was also a Box Office Failure -- Boffo B.O. Bad Flicks that "Won" include COCKTAIL, RAMBO II and INDECENT PROPOSAL....


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