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 Beautiful, funny and charming-as-all-get-out, Halle Berry made RAZZIE history when she not only showed up to collect her Worst Actress Award, but then spent 8 minutes onstage regaling our audience at her own expense. To read all about it -- and see a FOTO of Halle hoisting her Oscar in one hand and her RAZZIE in the other, Click Above.
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:47:00
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 The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE has published an Op-Ed Piece by our Old Head RAZZBerry, noting that among the more than 135 contenders for Governor in California's screwball recall race are at least THREE former RAZZIE Nominees. Not least among them is 7-time RAZZIE "loser" Ah-Nuld Schwarzenegger. For a decidedly RAZZIE perspective on The Three-Ring Circus that is California politics today, Double Click Above...
  Last Updated on 12/03/2004 19:41:00
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 You know you've finally Gone Main Stream when odds-makers in Vegas are taking formal bets on ya -- Even if they AREN'T willing to cut our Foundation in on the action. Click Above to check out the odds on this year's Hottest RAZZIE Race, for Worst Actor of 2004...
  Last Updated on 07/02/2005 12:15:00
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 E! On-Line's coverage oft his year's Gala 25th Annual RAZZIE nominations is in a decidedly humorus vein -- as well it should be. Looking for laughs? Check out their article by Double-Clicking Above...
  Last Updated on 01/02/2005 00:21:00
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 After "winning" four previous Worst Actress trophies and several more (including Worst Actress of the Century in 2000!) Madonna has finally spoken up about The RAZZIES, and how it feels to be not only our 2002 "Champion" but the Most-RAZZed Female in Our History. The Immaterial Mom told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD that she was "deeply..." --WANNA KNOW THE REST?? DOUBLE CLICK to FIND OUT!
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:41:00
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 SOME stupid choices?? How about almost EVERYTHING she's done since her debut in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (with the possible exceptions of EVITA and A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN). This USA TODAY piece talks about The Immaterial Mom's current search for a part better suited to her abilities than her newest B.O. Bomb 'SWEPT AWAY' (which was laughed out of theatres by handfuls of moviegoers nationwide in just 10 daze last October)...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:42:00
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 You know you've Gone Mainstream when SPORTSWRITERS start referring to ya -- And that's just what happens in an MSNBC Column dissing Shaquille O'Neal for his latest Hip-Hop Recording. To see WHY they think former Worst Actor contender Shaq should get RAZZed but good, Double Click ABOVE...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:42:00
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 Stephen Silverman of PEOPLE on-line is one of our Berry Favorite media folks. His stuff is alwaze funny, biting and to the point -- Just like we hope WE are. Here, he ponders 2004's likeliest RAZZIE nominees, with a special focus on Brad Pitt's Worst-Actor-eligible Malibu-Ken-like performance in TROY...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:33:00
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 When John Travolta's mega-budget mega-box-office-bomb BATTLEFIELD EARTH swept the 2001 RAZZIES, it made news around the world. But Travolta himself insists he wasn't told until asked about it by a reporter from Canada. Double Click ABOVE to find out his reaction...
  Last Updated on 19/05/2003 20:44:00
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 In an interview conducted in France (in English) the star of DOOM talks about whether his film will garner him attention from The Academy, or from US. In a disarming moment of candor, guess which Award he admits he's likelier to get??
  Last Updated on 03/12/2005 13:50:00
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