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 AP quotes Head RAZZberry on our tie for Worst Actress: "They're equally wretched!" So who DID tie for Worst Actress of 2002?? Double Click Above to FIND OUT!
  Last Updated on 09/09/2005 17:40:00
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 Taking the wire story from A.P. the web site for CNN lists all the top (bottom?) contenders for The 24th Annual RAZZIE Awards. Check 'em out!!
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:40:00
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 Oscar winning director John Schlesinger, who ended his career with the less-than-stellar Madonna vehicle THE NEXT BEST THING, sez in letters to a friend released posthumously that his trials and travails with Madonna over the film that would eventually earn them both RAZZIE nominations contributed to his first heart attack. The article, from the London Telegraph newspaper, also mentions that the film proved to be "a disaster," and went on to "win" The Immaterial Girl her FOURTH Golden Raspberry as Worst Actress...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:40:00
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 Daily News film commentator Jack Mathews declares Madonna's entire film career a washout -- But adds that she DID earn her 2000 RAZZIE Award as Worst Actress of the 20th Century...Maybe now she's working on Worst Actress of the 21st Century??
  Last Updated on 26/08/2003 18:08:00
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 Almost as quickly as Ben Affleck told AP Radio that he felt "stiffed" by not being sent his RAZZIES for GIGLI, we were called by PEOPLE Magazine for our response. To read it, Double-Click ABOVE, then CLICK on Newstand Buyer at LEFT and ENTER the CODE: People...It SHOULD then FINALLY let you read the article.
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:35:00
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 With cat puns galore, PEOPLE ON-LINE's Stephen M. Silverman's coverage of this year's Worst Achievements in Film nominations is enough...to give us paws.
  Last Updated on 27/01/2005 12:31:00
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 We made the Main Page listings at PREMIERE Magazine, right alongside them Globs 'n' Little Gold Naked Men. Here's their coverage of our 24th Annual Nominations, complete with LINKS to many of the nominated titles' official websites...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:44:00
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 You know you're finally Making Inroads on Going Mainstream when the opening line of a review in PREMIERE Magazine mentions you. And that's exactly what happened when they reviewed The Awful Movie du Jour, GIGLI, offering helpful advice to our "RAZZIE Committee." What ELSE did they say?? Double Click Above to find out if they touted GIGLI for "honors" OTHER than our Worst Picture Award...
  Last Updated on 12/04/2005 13:27:00
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 As the first Internactive/Internet Encyclopedia, WIKIPEDIA hopes to become the world standard reference on culture, history and what/not. So naturally, The RAZZIES are listed therein. To check out the extensive (and mostly accurate) entry on The Golden RAZZberries, Double Click ABOVE...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:34:00
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 Declaring Madonna's SWEPT AWAY "worst of all," UPI weighs in on our 23rd Annual Slam-Fest...
  Last Updated on 12/03/2004 19:41:00
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