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 A French Internet interview with ye Olde Head RAZZberry John WIlson, complete with photos, poster art and more from RAZZIE Ceremonies past, this article is La Piece de la Resistance of this year's Gallic Golden Raspberry coverage...
  Last Updated on 07/02/2005 14:21:00
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 Complete w/a photo of "Bennifer" from that Box Office Blowfest GIGLI, here's USA TODAY's take on nominees for The 24th Annual RAZZIE Awards...Bombs Away!
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 19:37:00
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 Nobody can be as Funny/Vicious as Roger Ebert when he HATES a movie -- And no critic seems to have hated DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO as much as Ebert. He concludues the review with "your film sucks," but in working his way toward that conclusion, also makes one of the most amusing RAZZIEŽ References we've ever read. Check it out (just put down that glass of milk first, or it'll be spraying out yer noze!)...
  Last Updated on 01/10/2005 01:18:00
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 Parles vous Framboise?? Here's a French web site's take on this year's 25th Annual RAZZIE nominations, with foreign laguage poster art for most of the nominees (WHITE CHICKS in French was apparently called "Fake Blondes Undercover"??)...
  Last Updated on 27/01/2005 16:13:00
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 2004 Worst Actress "Winner" Halle Berry was the first star of her caliber to not only GET the joke of the RAZZIES, but embrace it. To see exactly what Mizz Berry said about "winning" a Tacky Trophy for CATWOMAN, Click Above...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 18:48:00
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 If you can actually READ Polsih, you may enjoy this irreverent interview with RAZZIE Founder John Wilson. If not, it may seem more irrelevant than irreverent...
  Last Updated on 01/03/2004 10:27:00
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 An article in NEWSWEEK discussing (and dissing!) the marketing of possible 2005 Worst Actress contender Lindsay Lohan has a headline that warmed our cockles to see. If your cockles need warming too, Click Above to check it out!
  Last Updated on 02/10/2005 10:49:00
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 Humor columnist Andy Borowitz's latest column suggests that North Korea's dictator may be even more merciless than was earlier believed -- Borowitz has him threatening to unleash a NEW BEN AFFLECK FILM on an unsuspecting world. TO check out this Berry Tongue-in-Cheek Take on current world events, CLICK ABOVE...
  Last Updated on 21/02/2005 23:59:00
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 It may not be real, but it should be: the inevitable merger between the Saturn Awards and the Golden Raspberries, which all-too-often "honor" the SAME actors and movies...
  Last Updated on 31/10/2002 16:10:00
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 Among the Lucky Hundred who actually got to ATTEND our 24th Annual Cinematic Slam-Fest was TANGZINE's Dan McIntosh, who filed this flatteringly funny report on our ceremonies...
  Last Updated on 11/03/2004 12:17:00
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