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  The antithesis to the Oscars, the 19th annual Golden Raspberry Awards - or Razzies - have been announced in Los Angeles.
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 18:45:00
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 If the Oscar nominations are today, you know what that means: the Razzies. Every year on the eve of Oscar's list of the best the film industry had to offer, the Golden Raspberries announce their candidates for the worst. (The awards, of course, are announced March 22, on Oscar Eve.)
  Last Updated on 06/09/2002 19:32:00
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 The Razzies have been bringing much-needed frivolity to the humorless, self-congratulatory lovefest that is the Oscars. Since 1980, the Golden Raspberry Foundation has been giving out golfball-sized plastic raspberries spray-painted gold on top of super-8 film reels (inflation-adjusted estimated street value: $4.27) to "winners" such as The Postman, Showgirls, and Hudson Hawk.
  Last Updated on 06/09/2002 19:30:00
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 LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kevin Costner and Sylvester Stallone are slugging it out with the thespian formerly known as Prince for the dubious distinction of "Worst Actor of the Century" as the latest "Razzies" nominations list for cinema's worst was released Monday.
  Last Updated on 01/12/2000 23:32:00
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