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 Why not make YOURSELF one of our VOTING Members, and Join in the NASTY GOOD FUN of The 26th Annual RAZZIE Awards, Dis-Honoring WORST Achievements in Film for 2005!!
  Last Updated on 28/03/2005 12:03:00
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 RAZZIE Founder John Wilson's just-published second book, THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE MOVIE GUIDE, can now be ordered thru WALMART.COM! Listing 100 So-Funny-Bad-They're-Actually-Entertaining Titles, this Priceless Guide to Cinematic Sin published in January 2005, to tie-in with The Gala 25th Annual RAZZIE Awards...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 10:42:00
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 What "actor" has amassed a staggering 30 RAZZIE nominations in only 25 years? Who is the Male Runner-Up for All-Time Worst?? Which "actress" (Madonna or Bo) has The Edge as Female RAZZIE Champion??? And which TWO Films are TIED as our All-Time Worst?? Click Above to FIND OUT...
  Last Updated on 14/10/2005 16:03:00
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 Presented During The 10th Annual RAZZIE Awards at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Blossom Ballroom, March 25, 1990...
  Last Updated on 03/07/2003 10:33:00
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 Worst Career "Winners" from our Early Years...
  Last Updated on 18/12/2003 12:49:00

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