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 How Was The End of The RAZZIES’ First Century? Read All About Prevue Nite 1999 -- A ‘WILD WILD’ Mess!
  Last Updated on 26/08/2003 16:48:00
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 Get the Skinny on How EVERYONE YOU KNOW Can Be Among The Lucky FEW Voting for 2005's BERRY Worst Achievements in Film... Simply by Double-Clicking ABOVE and following directions to Become a Part of The BERRY Funniest Award Show of 'em ALL...
  Last Updated on 28/03/2005 12:03:00
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 Find out about our Summer 2003 RAZZIE Living Room Drive-In Event! Check out the Latest Gossip and Embarrassing News about RAZZIE Contenders, "winners" and Down-and-Comers! And don't forget LAST LAFF...All in The Summer 2003 Edition of The RAZZIE Reporter. Double Click ABOVE to actually READ it...
  Last Updated on 10/08/2003 13:33:00
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 Prevue Nite 2002: 'GLITTER' Brings Down the House -- With LAUGHTER!
  Last Updated on 26/08/2003 16:42:00
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 ‘BATTLEFIELD DEARTH’ Sweeps, Kevin Costner Will Give You The Creeps and ‘BVD’ Features X-Rated Peeps!
  Last Updated on 26/08/2003 16:43:00
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 Read all about our Annual Member Event PREVUE NITE, this year featuring (what else) SWEPT AWAY...Check out our Editorial promoting Benigni's PINOCCHIO as our First Ever Foreign-Made Worst Picture Contender...And get The Latest GOSSIP About Hollywood's Berry WORST Behavior. It's ALL Here in The Winter 2003 Edition of our Member Newsletter "The RAZZIE Reporter"
  Last Updated on 26/08/2003 16:44:00
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 John Travolta's BATTLEFIELD EARTH was our Prevue Nite Feature for 2002...
  Last Updated on 26/08/2003 16:47:00
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  Last Updated on 14/02/2002 18:15:00

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