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 From KNBC in L.A. a Quick Slide Show of Halle Berry accepting her RAZZIE Award as Worst Actress for CATWOMAN... To see Halle's remarks IN FULL, check out the Numbered VIDEO CLIPS Above...
  Last Updated on 05/10/2005 17:59:00
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 Images from Our Very Own RAZZIE Archives, covering The 24th Annual RAZZIES. Look fer yerself!!
  Last Updated on 05/10/2005 18:02:00
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 Created for us by Video Wizard Mike Medlock, here's the Classiest-Looking Image of Tinsel Town's Tackiest Trophy we've ever seen...WOW! It almost looks like something you'd WANT to win!
  Last Updated on 05/10/2005 18:03:00
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 Yes ladies and gentlemen, the rarely-seen (and even more rarely accepted) Razzie Award has been captured on film and posted here for all to see. Gape in awe at the stunning glory of the gold spraypaint! The elegance of the woodgrain kitchen shelf paper!! Whatta Foto -- Whatta Naward!! ESTIMATED STREET VALUE: $4.79...
  Last Updated on 31/10/2003 13:51:00
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 Is it just us, or does Johnny Depp's costuming and make-up as Willy Wonka in the remake of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY look eerily like...Michael Jackson? Check out the new "Gloved-One" poster and decide for yourself!
  Last Updated on 05/10/2005 18:01:00
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 A decidedly tongue-in-cheek look at 100 of the most entertainingly awful movies ever made -- from obscurities like 1934's MANIAC to all-time Bad Movie Classics like VALLEY OF THE DOLLS and RAZZIE "winners" like MOMMIE DEAREST and LONELY LADY -- THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE MOVIE GUIDE is, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, available N-O-W (at a 33% discount!). To get yer hands on one, just Double Click ABOVE...
  Last Updated on 17/03/2005 10:40:00
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 Hear Ye Olde Head RAZZberry John Wilson's 2003 interview with one of The RAZZIES' Most Avid Media Fans, Andrea Chase of Killer Movie Reviews. Warning: Madonna and Britney Bashing ABOUND!
  Last Updated on 01/05/2003 15:29:00
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 The BERRY Worst Have Been Chosen! Read all about 2002's cinematic Sinners in 11 Categories!! And find out when and where the "Winners" (Losers?) will be announced...
  Last Updated on 10/11/2004 13:26:00
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 A staged publicity photo featuring the "stars" of FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY clearly show why SOME folks are referring to Justin as "Sideshow Bob" (Krusty the Clown's sidekick from THE SIMPSONS) and why Kelly may well be "The Missing Osmond." ONLY the morbidly curious, expecting a laughably incompetent movie, even BOTHERED seeing this one, a throwback/remake of something from the Elvis/WHERE THE BOYS ARE era...Its only GUARANTEED DVD Audience will be Voting RAZZIE Members!
  Last Updated on 10/11/2004 13:25:00
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 Check out the Web Site of long-time RAZZIE fan and supporter Andrea Chase, a Northern California critic who annually attends our ceremonies, does radio interviews with Our Venerable Head RAZZberry and considers our awards "an invaluable public service." While you're there, check her Archive of past and present reviews of movies reputable and RAZZable...
  Last Updated on 16/02/2005 00:23:00
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