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 Based on the whims of Those OTHER Awards, the Oscars, here are the relevant dates for next Spring's 26th Annual RAZZIE® Awards, dis-honoring Worst Achievements in Film for 2005...
  Last Updated on 03/12/2005 13:47:00
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 Talk about digging up the dead! Awl-Time RAZZIE® Cham-Peen SYlvester Stallone has been desperate to get a sixth entry in his ROCKY series launched ever since SCHLOCKY 5 was a Worst Picture contender over a decade ago. Now MGM/UA has greenlit ROCKY BALBOA, in which the retired pugilist makes a comeback to fight the current champion. Wait a minute...that sounds more like a REMAKE than a sequel. But then, were'nt ALL the ROCKY sequels really remakes???
  Last Updated on 17/10/2005 13:09:00
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 If you wanna join in the fun of naming 2005's Berry WORST Achievements in Film, you need to sign up N-O-W!!
  Last Updated on 22/06/2005 19:07:00
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 Based on THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE® MOVIE GUIDE, here is Head RAZZberry John Wilson's list of the 10 Berry Funniest Bad Movies of All Time -- Complete with links to check them out individually at Amazon.com. Just click...and LAUGH!
  Last Updated on 14/08/2005 04:33:00
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 Find out when NOMINEES and "WINNERS" will be announced for The 26th Annual RAZZIE® Awards...oh, and also The 63rd Annual Golden GLOBS, The 12th Annual SAGGIES and The 78th Annual Giving Out of the Little Gold Naked Men...
  Last Updated on 03/12/2005 13:48:00
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 In celebration of our Silver Anniversary, the Golden Raspberry Awards announced this year's Nominees for WORST Achievements in Film at a Press COnference and book signing for RAZZIE Founder John Wilson's new book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE® MOVIE GUIDE. Held at classy Brentano's Books in Century City, the press conference revealed some surprises among this year's selections for Worst Achievements in Film. For the complete list, please Click Above.. ...
  Last Updated on 09/08/2005 03:15:00
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 Referring to the eBay auction of the RAZZIE Ben Affleck dissed and left behind on LARRY KING LIVE, those compilers of critical consensus at ROTTEN TOMATOES have a featured interview with Ye Olde Head RAZZberry John Wilson that tells an eBay Horror Story worthy of Steven King. CHECK IT OUT (But First, Turn ALL the Lights On!!)
  Last Updated on 14/08/2005 04:37:00
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 We never actually nominated him for a RAZZIE (even though he DID play Satan in Worst Picture nominee LITTLE NICKY!) but we alwaze found him both amusing and tasteless. Here is an Internet obit (written by a former RAZZIE Cast Member) for that "I Get No Respect" Guy, Rodney Dangerfield...
  Last Updated on 06/10/2004 19:15:00
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 Check out the plans for this year's annual RAZZIE Pre-Vue Nite, a Members-Only Evrent at which we show clips, snips and critical rips on the year's Berry Worst Movies, and also feature AN ENTIRE MOVIE. This year, the Main Feature is likely to be DIRTY LOVE. For more info, CLICK ABOVE...
  Last Updated on 31/10/2005 11:53:00
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 Will the MPAA's ban on sending out screeners for Real Awards Shows finally get Hollywood to start sending out DVDs and VHS tapes of RAZZIE Contenders?!?! Read all about it...
  Last Updated on 14/08/2005 04:38:00
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