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 Worst Career "Winners" from our Early Years...
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Rated By: tigerdaveFrom: San FranciscoDate: 04/03/2002 00:25:00
Comments: You rock because you gave the Spice Girls Razzies ! Way to go !!
Rating: Rating Average
Rated By: Michael TrippFrom: New ZealandDate: 10/07/2001 00:55:00
Comments: you suck cause you gave the Spice Girls all razzies
Rating: Rating Average
Rated By: Bill-an accountant, not in your indFrom: San DiegoDate: 13/02/2001 10:49:00
Comments: I came looking for a little humor & Melanie-bashing, but there's nothing here to look at. Give my objective opinion? This site has nothing on it. That's objective. This site sucks. That's my opinion. But by definition, no opinion is objective. And you dare criticize Joe Esterhaus and Elizabeth Berkeley? No substance, no creativity, no wonder your claim to fame is to mock others. I hope my opinion of Mr. Blackwell never gets as quickly deflated as my opinion of the Razzies!
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Rated By: edwin ahearnFrom: brooklyn nyDate: 16/01/2001 01:50:00
Comments: needs less pizzazz and more razz



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